Thursday, 11 August 2016

Just Me

Dear Blog

I have neglected you for a while.  I'm sorry about that but I have been quite busy elsewhere and the intense heat of summer doesn't really inspire me to write very much.

I have been using Facebook more than my blog.  I like to update my supporters about the dogs and cats on my group page.

Facebook can be useful at times for getting things off your chest.  When you feel angry or hurt it's easy to tap out something that, at the time, makes you feel a bit better.  You don't mention names so no-one need be offended.   Some people don't feel this is appropriate though.  I was reminded of this yesterday when my friend Maria posted about her need to offload her feelings on Facebook, and then finding that so called friends were reporting back to people not even on Facebook.  She was informed that she was a laughing stock.   She's not of course.  Anyone who is laughing has no compassion for someone who has recently lost two members of her family who were very close to her.

People share all sorts of things on Facebook.   I've watched them talk about husbands cheating, break-ups of marriages, sadness when a loved one is ill...and even more sadness when someone close to them dies.   Facebook can seem like a big family when someone is isolated and has no-one else to talk to.  The support gained from Facebook "friends", many of whom we have never met in person, can be very comforting.

I feel very isolated at the moment.  I also feel very depressed about things that have happened recently.   I try my best to support those close to me.  I don't always get it right.  When I don't I will always hold my hands up and apologise.  Sometimes I apologise over and over again, but that doesn't always work and I end up on the receiving end of someone else's anger.  I am told I am self-absorbed....I wish I had the time to be so.  I do have feelings though and can be hurt...if that is being self-absorbed, then OK...I am.

But I am also pissed off at being blamed for everything that is not my responsibility.   This morning for example it's my fault that the dogs are barking.   I am thinking of wearing a sign on my forehead saying "If you want someone to blame choose me".  

We are all human.  We have failings.  We are not perfect.   Try not to judge people for the things they do wrong, but try to remember the things they get right.   Positive encouragement works far better on someone's self-esteem.

If you wish to comment, please do so here on my blog, rather than on Facebook.  Thankyou


  1. Linda, that is so true. I was bringing my dog Duggu for a walk recently as I do twice a day. The kids bring him one other time. One very annoying woman whose house I pass every day sometimes comes out and starts giving me a hard time, telling me not to allow my dog to relieve himself in front of her house. That is so insulting. First of all, I never allow my dog to do that in front of people's houses. When he has to do that, I make sure it's in a spot that's well away from the front of houses. Secondly, there are millions of street dogs in India doing that anywhere they want to, even stray cows also. I wonder what is Mrs. Thing going to do to stop them and why blame me, who gave a home to a street dog? Especially when I'm particular about keeping the dog away from certain places in this respect. It's incredible how conscientious people, who try to reach out and do something to improve the world for others, invariably get blamed for stuff that's not our fault at all. You just find yourself getting to a stage where you want to say to people 'just don't annoy me. I'm not taking this anymore'.

  2. "We are all human. We have failings. We are not perfect." So true. I was feeling miserable and lonely and fat and posted that and a so-called friend who I actually know in real life replied "you must really love yourself to post that. Stop whinging" And I was really hurt but then I thought that to be so mean she must be miserable too. The world is full of horrendous things and we are all frightened so we lash out. But some people are just mean naturally.

  3. I don't use FB that much....mostly to keep up with stuff posted by friends...but am sometimes surprised by the unfeeling responses i see there.

  4. I'm sorry you're feeling like this. I can empathise with you when sometimes people blame you for everything when it isn't true. It happens to me sometimes .... I think it happens to everyone really.
    Hoping the mood lifts and you're feeling back to normal very soon.
    Maggie x

  5. Thankyou everyone for your comments. This blog post was written when I was feeling quite depressed and those of you who suffer with this I am sure understand that there is a need at times like this to write things down. I'm back to normal now (whatever normal is!) and realise that if you can't do right for doing wrong, then it's best to take a step back and not try so hard.


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