Saturday, 5 March 2016

My Turkey Journey

Occasionally people ask me about where I have lived in Turkey and a few years ago I did a blog post about my journey which began almost 18 years ago.

The last post in the series was written in our last home in Selçuk.

We moved from there to this village outside Milas almost 8 year ago and this is where I upped my game in rescuing and caring for dogs, simply because at long last we had the space to do it.

In the absence of being inspired to write anything at the moment, I thought I would share my journey for those of you who may be interested in some of the different areas of Turkey, and my ups and downs along the way.

The following list links to old blog posts for each area, and ends with Selçuk, before moving to our current home.

So, here are the links, in order, starting with my first home in Gümüslük.



Side, Antalya

Ceylan (on the way to Cappadocia)

A bit about Cappadocia

Arriving in Cappadocia


Recent post - memories of Göreme (and a video)

Göreme to Selçuk