Thursday, 11 February 2016

FACEBOOK UPDATES ON DOGS. As at Tuesday 9th February.

4th February

This dog has been in our village for a while now. He seems happy and we feed him. He has been accepted by people here and we consider him to be as safe as its possible to be.
However this morning Kaya noticed something wrong with his testicles. He is now with our Vet who diagnosed a nasty infection so he has been neutered and given antibiotics and will stay in the clinic tonight or until we feel he has recovered sufficiently to be returned to the village.

5th February

The dog at the Vet clinic is staying there until Monday. He is fine but the weather is awful so a few days of shelter will enable him to recover. He will be vaccinated before he leaves.
Three more village dogs also vaccinated today. You may recognise the photo of the black dog as I posted it on here a couple of weeks ago. Battery ran out before Kaya could take a photo today. This dog has gradually moved into the centre from his hiding place so has gained in confidence.One more vaccination to be done today or tomorrow.
Two females will be spayed and vaccinated some time next week.

9th February  a.m.

The dog who was treated for testicle infection, neutered and vaccinated was collected from our Vet yesterday after spending four nights in the clinic. After much discussion yesterday we decided to relocate him to the sanayi.

The village people are OK with the dogs at the moment but this one does hang around the teahouse and we can see it becoming a bit of a nuisance in time.
He is now being looked after by the man who has cared for Kahve and several others who were placed at the sanayi by us more than a year ago. This is proof enough for us that they are safe as long as we continue to provide food and any Vet treatment necessary. There is plenty of shelter there from bad weather and the dogs are happy.
The safety and well-being of the village dogs is what's important.
Today we need to take two of our dogs to the Vet. Megan is struggling with her arthritis and Fistik's yeast infection has flared up again. Just wanting to get these things sorted before I go to England on Friday.


A visit to the vets. Megan's arthritis is getting worse and she has tablets to take and will be checked again in three weeks time.
Fistik has another yeast infection. This poor girl has been plagued with these skin problems since long before she came to us. This particular infection is not contagious but she has several creams and lotions to be administered daily and she had injections today. She has to go to the clinic for further injections every 3 days until the condition has cleared up.
On return to the village Kaya was confronted by an angry man who informed him that his daughter had been bitten by a dog in the centre of the village. It seems that this dog was a new arrival...early hours of this morning...another one dumped no doubt. The girl has been to hospital. Not a serious bite but the usual precautions taken.
It was understandable that the man was upset but he was blaming Kaya, saying that it was his fault for feeding the dogs. Kaya said that if he DIDN'T feed the dogs in the village there would be more problems. The dogs are not hungry and as such they cause no problems.
Well the upshot of all this was that the Muhtar became involved and the Belediye phoned and the dog will be removed and taken to Milas shelter.
Unfortunately, he has insisted that four other dogs who congregate in the centre are to also be removed. Kaya argued the point as these dogs are causing no harm. They have all been vaccinated by us and flea and worm treated. Two of them are the females we planned to have spayed this week, but I guess the only positive in all this is that they will be spayed by the Belediye shelter.
The man had said that if they weren't removed then he would kill them. A threat made in anger of course, but Kaya reminded him that it was against the law and if he attempted to do this to any dogs in the village he would be reported and prosecuted.
Of course children have to be protected, and even though I feel we are making progress here, it seems like it's one step forward and three back.

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