Thursday, 15 December 2011


Well it's the middle of December.  It's getting dark very early and it's chilly at night, but amazingly the days are still beautiful.

The past few days have seen temperatures as high as 19 or 20 degrees C in this little corner of Turkey.   I've been sitting out on the balcony enjoying the sunshine.  It's very odd to be wearing summer clothes during the day, changing into warm pjs at night and having to have the electric blanket on in bed.

I'm still enjoying my netbook.  However, Mr A had a problem with the laptop yesterday.   He took it into Milas and it would seem that something was stuck.  I have no idea what exactly, but it was preventing him from using it.   The man in the computer shop fixed the problem and it's working fine now, and I know it's a bit selfish of me, but I'm glad I swapped it for the netbook when I did.  I somehow think that the laptop is slowly reaching the end of it's life.   Mr A isn't too bothered because he doesn't use it as much as I did.  He visits Facebook, plays games and watches he's happy to use it for as long as it lasts.

I had a problem with Blogger today.   Nothing new there of course!   I wanted to add something to my sidebar but couldn't access the Design/Layout page.  An error code appeared and I was linked to Blogger Help, where I discovered hundreds of other bloggers with the same problem.   As Blogger didn't seem to be able to produce a solution I didn't even bother to add my complaint to the list.

One of my blogging friends, Nomad, suggested all sorts of things like clearing the cache and cookies (I still don't understand what all that means but did it anyway).  And he also mentioned using Google Chrome.

I recall Perpetua, and one or two others mentioning Chrome, but for some reason I couldn't manage to install it on my old laptop.  But I've managed to install it on my netbook and it solved the problem.  However, I don't really like the moment.   It's more a case of my reluctance to change things, and wanting to stick with what I know.  So for the time being I'll just use it for blogging and stick with good old regular Google for everything else.  Maybe I'll play around with it another day when my brain is functioning a bit better.

My recent bout of depression is gradually lifting, and I'm hoping I'll be feeling a lot better when I set off to England on the 27th.

The unexpected good weather certainly helps to lift my spirits.


  1. Hello Linda! I am so glad to hear you are feeling better! Yes this lovely weather for sure has something to do with it although it is so unseasonal. I mean, here we are almost Christmas! I love your new pic, BTW. When did you change it? Did I miss something??

  2. Hi Claudia. This weather is odd isn't it? I've never known a winter like this one. I only changed the pic recently. It's one taken from the hill behind our house.

  3. Don't know why but the thought of mr A on Facebook tickled me!

  4. Kelloggsville: It's actually funnier than you might think. Mr A is more of a pc numpty than me. He accepts every friend request even if he doesn't know who it is because he thinks he has to, and he clicks onto every app going then doesn't know what to do with them. He then has to get me to delete them for him.

  5. Haha..I thought it might Fly x

  6. We are loving the sunshine. It is, of course, our first year here, so I am amazed and delighted that it stays light so late. The long dark evenings in the UK always seemed to drag me down. We were outside painting our terrace this afternoon.
    So happy to here that you are feeling better.

  7. Enjoy your trip to England...hopefully depression will have melted into the background with the good weather!

  8. Hi Linda.....So glad that you are feeling lots better these days. Bet some of that sunshine helps.
    Here too in The Great White North (Canada) it was quite warm....15 deg.....lots of rain though. Great if you are a duck.:-)Tomorrow the tempearture is in the -minus numbers.Weird weather these days, as long as we have no snow.

    I also use Google Chrome sometimes, depending what account I'm husband when he uses my account on the computer I get a virus of some kind. He watches all these Turkish Drama Shows and clicks around. UGH!!!!
    Then being a dummy in the computer I sit for hours deleting and downloading and rebooting.....then have to call the fixer techy 'guy'. He's not cheap.

    Glad and happy you are on the mend and that you are going to visit your Grandkids....take care and have a great day.

  9. omentide: Thankyou. The weather this winter is odd. It's usually cold and wet by now (although this morning the dark clouds are looming). Lets hope this climate change is permanent.

    Theanne...Thankyou. I hope so x

    Erica: Thankyou. Ah yes Mr A also watched the Turkish drama shows. Do you know something? I actually think the problem he had with the laptop was probably a virus due to clicking on something he shouldn't have...but of course he'll never admit it!

  10. It's me you watch the Turkish Soap Drama's with your husband.????
    I watch about 12 with mine a week, we can't get to bed we are watching them almost every night (embarassed to say). Then can't get up in the morning. I'm tired of those shows on TV here with drugs, etc.... and blah, blah blah well you know what they show here.

    I first started to watch so I could polish up on my Turkish and you know I did. So now when my husband talks to his sister he's looking at me, if I understand or not.

    Have a great day today and I hope it's sunny like yesterday. :-)))

  11. Hi I don't watch them...hate them! Although I do agree it's a good way to improve on the language x

  12. I don't like chrome either Linda. Give me Firefox any day!

    The Christmas atmosphere has improved a lot since I came out here. There is a 'Christmassy' feel in the air, which is nice.

    I follow you in my mobile these days, which is why my comments here are few and far between. That's because I often blog read on the go. But I'm always in touch with what's going on!

  13. Hi Maria..nice to see you and thanks for popping in.
    Hope you and the family have a good Christmas xxx

  14. Lovely day here in the UK too, Ayak, though the temperature was more like 5 or 6 after last night's frost. Glad you're starting to feel better. Bright sunny weather must help, I'd have thought.

    I'd heard about the design fault in Blogger, to add to the following fault and the commenting fault and... Sigh... Glad Chrome at least works for you, even if you don't like the change. I quite like it now and it's the best I'm going to get, as my DH doesn't want us to have Firefox for some reason.

  15. Hi Perpetua. I despair with Blogger but at least Chrome works at the moment.
    This weather is odd. Since I did this post, we've had rain, gale force winds, and now we have black clouds and pockets of sunshine...weird!


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