Saturday, 10 December 2011

A Brighter Day....

in more ways than one.

The sun is shining brightly today.  The sky is blue and there's not a cloud to be seen.  The temperature as I write is 15 degrees...quite respectable for December and certainly pleasant enough to sit out on the balcony.  Admittedly it was -1C when I woke up this morning, but as long as the sun is shining it helps to lift my mood.

I'm still enjoying my new Notebook.  It's so much easier now I have an English programme.  It's made me realise how much I struggled up till now, and how little I knew about the way all this works.

You may have noticed that I've changed my blog layout slightly.  New picture at the top which is the view from the hill behind our house.  I increased the size of the text which is essential for me...but might be useful for those of you who, like me, can't cope with small print.  However, I got a bit carried away with trying to change other bits of the layout and confused...and gave up.  So it will have to stay the way it is for the time being.

We have been without street lights outside our house for months now.  Lights were originally attached to the old wooden telegraph poles throughout the village.  Although the one outside our house had not been working for some time.  New metal pylons were erected to replace the old wooden poles, which were uprooted,  and the lamps went with them.

The new lamps have been fitted to the pylons gradually and finally yesterday the men arrived at the top of the hill.   Mr A was quite excited (it doesn't take much!) about getting a lamp outside our house at last as it is pitch black at night and can be quite dangerous negotiating the bumpy lane.

However, the men informed Mr A that we would not be getting a light outside our house as they were only fixing them to every third pylon.  As ours happened to be the second one in sequence...the other two being much further down the hill in either direction.... it meant that we and our immediate neighbours would still be in complete darkness at night.

Our neighbour, Şevke got quite upset and started complaining bitterly to the men, who ignored her (she's a woman, so what did she expect?).   Mr A decided to take the diplomatic route.  He asked me to make coffee for the 4 men (yes 4...reminds me of the joke about how many men it takes to change a lightbulb).   I could see what he was doing, so not only did I serve coffee, but cake and biscuits as well.

Mr A joined the men and they chatted happily.

Half an hour later, the men fixed a lamp to the pylon outside our house.  



  1. The bigger print is super for me...thank you!

    Oh, the power of coffee and cake over men....

  2. Yes are pretty predictable aren't they?

    Glad you're happy with the bigger print.

  3. I like the changes you made to your the header picture. Mr A is a pretty smart fellow.:)

  4. Love the new look, Ayak. Bigger print and better contrast are a pleasure to read. Many thanks.

    A good result with the lamp. Reminds me of slowly, slowly, catchee monkey. :-)

  5. New print is good, wish our weather was as good as yours is today xx

  6. Mr. A is quite the diplomat...excellent! The larger print is very easy on the eyes...thank you!

  7. Love the new look and the larger print is easy on tired old eyes!
    Wonderful news about the lamp. Would be annoyed that the women have no say though. Good on Mr Ayak for making it possible in the land of men!.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  8. Thanks everyone for your comments. I did reply individually but for some strange reason my comments haven't doubt Blogger is playing up again.

    Anyway I'm glad everyone is happier with the larger print x

  9. This looks great...much better. Layout is more appealing with bigger letters for some reason and the color..

    I know what you mean about the coffee and men. My husband does the same goes outside and I have to make them coffee and he stands there bargaining.... he comes in with a big grin. He got the price or whatever he wanted.

    Glad you are enjoying yourself with your new 'technology'. I noticed that women are basically 'not much' there where you are but the cities are different. Some I know sure get their way when they want it....especially my sister-in-law.

    Take care and hope you enjoyed the sunny day..........we currently are at -5 with the sun beaming, but as long as we don't have snow I'm okay with this cold weather.

    bye for now.......

  10. I also like the larger print...

    Well done with the streetlight. Maybe you have ours. The one outside our place is broken though there are plenty in the near vicinity and it's quite pleasant not to have it shining brightly through the window.

  11. Erica. Although women tend to be ignored a bit in public, they can be pretty much in control inside the home. Quite manipulative in fact.
    I don't mind it being cold as long as the sun is shining.

    Omentide: Fortunately the light doesn't shine through our window like the previous one did.

  12. Well done Mr. A and yourself, teamwork!


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